Welcome To The Mow High Guys

Recently, a group of like-minded lawn care professionals discussed the misguided practice of short mowing and its negative impact on the environment.  It was asked how we, as an industry, could make a difference…the Mow High Guy was born!

What is the purpose of “The Mow High Guys”?

That is simple…to change the way America mows its lawns!  It has been proven by numerous industry and university studies that the higher you mow your lawn, the healthier it will be and the better it will look.  Yet homeowners and lawn mowing companies continue to mow too short.  Growing grass can be hard enough without doing things that stress and slow the growth of your lawn.   The weather, poor soil, shade, and grass type, can all seem to line up to fight us, so why not do something that is easy and is proven to improve your lawn…mow high!

We are on a mission to educate America (the world?) on proper mowing practices and to encourage everyone to go out to their garage/shop and raise-up that mower.  Usually there is added cost or poorer results when trying to do “the green thing” or the most environmentally-friendly approach.  That is certainly not the case when it comes to proper mow height.  To the contrary, you will see superior results with less aggressive lawn treatments and less expense. Read More